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Gamble your hard earned crypto against your homies

Multi-player blockchain dice game. Bet against your friends and win ZENI & NFTs.

Wanna win loads of ZENI!?

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Gamble with confidence and ease on Algorand

Fair odds

You play against other players, with a fair chance to win based on the dice roll.

Rapid transactions

Algorand transactions are super fast for a great gameplay experience.

Win in many ways

Every single game played has the chance to win a Jackpot, a rare NFT, and contributes to the Zenny lottery.


  • Q3 21

    • Token creation
    • Pool creation
    • Airdrop registration development.

  • Q4 21

    • Airidrop registration opens
    • Limited edition Zenny Dice NFTs distributed during airdrop registration
    • Zenny Locker profiles and further website development

  • Q1 22

    • Airdrop date announced: February 28th, 2022
    • 100,000 ZENI distributed to airdrop participants
    • Exclusive airdrop NFT prizes distributed to airdrop participants
    • ZENI LP Token Staking Liquidity Provider incentive program
    • First series game development

  • Q2 22

    • First series game UI development
    • TestNet first game series release
    • Security auditing and usability testing

  • Q3 22

    • MainNet first game series release

Win rare AF shiny NFTs